Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Dear Desmogblog visitors,

Thanks for coming to my site. Ever since the IPCC came out with their new Bible (sorry, I meant their new report) my site has been getting 10-20X more traffic as people do their own research.

You are perhaps here because you have doubts about global warming. Or you are here because you can't fathom how someone could stoop so low as to want to cast doubt on the human causes of global warming.

In either case (and especially if you are currently a firm believer in anthropogenic global warming) you owe it to yourself to thoroughly research the topic - including dissenting views. If ever there was a topic that warranted disbelief, critical thinking, and evenhandedness, this is it. What we as a society decide will have an impact for decades to come - not on the environment as some would have you believe, but rather on a much more variable aspect of human existence, namely the economy.


Blogger John said...

Dammit, where are the desmogblog dudes for my website, http://hairybeast.wordpress.com? The Hairy Beast only got ONE comment on his site from this attack-page and that guy wasn't even interestingly mean. On the other hand, I only blogged on Dr. Ball's recent article and didn't get a link on the PRsmogblog. (sigh) - too pathetic to even get hate mail...

Congrats on the extra traffic!

6:36 PM  
Blogger K&N said...

Your post is typical of the nonsense being spouted by right-wing bloggers who are attempting to mislead the public. When you state "you owe it to yourself to thoroughly research the topic - including dissenting views", do you really expect others to read the views of the 95%+ of all climate scientists who have zero doubt that climate change is both real and the result of human activity -- the production of greenhouse gasses -- or are you hoping you can steer them to the few credentialed scientists who are making a (very lucrative) career out of writing what they are told to write by major polluters?

Admit it: you don't really want people to read the truth since that would undermine your whole argument. You are just attempting to sow enough doubt to confuse people.

The simple fact that you and others seem unable -- or unwilling -- to grasp is that well over 95% of all climate scientists around the world agree that global warming is real and that there is a better than 90% of the warming we are seeing is clearly attributable to human activity. Unfortunately, Exxon and others have enough cash to bankroll the few scientists willing to sell their "opinion" to the highest bidder and conservative bloggers are doing their best to confuse the country. A very sad situation indeed...

10:08 PM  

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